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Why This System?


100% Commissions

Embrace a unique earning model with IIS/ATLAS, where you receive 100% of the commissions on all front-end sales! This revolutionary approach ensures that your hard work and dedication are fully rewarded, providing a direct and impactful increase to your income with no waiting and no middleman.


20X the Value for The Cost

In the dynamic world of internet marketing, IIS/ATLAS redefines value for money. For just $100 a month, you unlock access to tools, resources, and training that rivals programs costing 20 times more. With IIS/ATLAS, you're not just investing in a system; you're investing in a future of exponential growth and potential, all at a cost that's a fraction of its true value.


Work With Experienced Pros

Join forces with seasoned internet marketers with over 20 years of experience in successfully generating a full-time income online. We've not only achieved personal milestones, making millions through our endeavors but have also empowered others, distributing millions in commissions.

Gain Access to Over $2,000/m Worth of Value!

Access to Video Funnels

With Video Funnels, you can quickly & easily transform any video into a powerful marketing tool. Whether it's a YouTube or Vimeo video or your own uploaded video from your phone, you can quickly and effortlessly convert these videos into high-converting landing pages.

Each funnel comes with a customizable call to action, headline, and page text...enabling you to guide your audience exactly where you want them – be it signing up, making a purchase, or learning more. This tool blends the persuasive power of video with the precision of direct marketing, creating a seamless, effective way to capture leads and drive conversions. Video Funnels is about making your message more impactful and your marketing more efficient.

  • Use ANY YouTube or Vimeo Video

  • Upload Your Own Videos

  • Fully Customizable to Fit Your Objectives & Brand

Access to ATLAS Academy

Step into Chris Record's ATLAS Academy, an exclusive hub where learning and success intersect. Here, you'll unlock the secrets of digital marketing, guided by experts with decades of experience. The Academy provides an extensive range of up-to-date, practical training materials, from fundamental concepts to advanced tactics. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, ATLAS Academy is your pathway to mastery. It's more than just a learning platform; it's an investment in your future, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to excel in the ever-evolving world of Internet marketing. Join us, and transform your potential into achievement.

Learn affiliate marketing from 7 & 8 figure internet marketers!

  • LIVE training 1 hour per day 5 days per week

  • 24/7 access to all recordings

  • Private FB group

What You Will Learn

A.T.L.A.S. stands for Affiliate Traffic, Leads, And Sales. And that's exactly what we will be teaching you 5 days per week as a member!

  • Affiliate Marketing Academy

  • Paid Traffic Academy

  • Faceless Content Academy

  • Viral Clipping Academy

  • A.I. Marketing Academy

  • Network Marketing Academy

  • High Level Marketing Academy

  • List Building Academy

  • Creative Copywriting Academy

  • Mindset Academy

  • YouTube Marketing Academy

Earn 100% Commissions of $100/m!

Imagine a world where your affiliate marketing efforts are not just recognized but richly rewarded. Our 100% Commission Affiliate Program is crafted precisely with this vision. Get just 1 sale of our Builder package and your membership fee is covered! Get 1 sale of our Builder package every week for 12 months and your money problems are over because you will have created a life-changing $10,000+ monthly income using this proven, powerful & profitable system!

Benefits of our 100% commission affiliate program

  • INSTANT & DIRECT Payments Via Stripe!

  • You are 100% in control of your own business!

  • No waiting on or trusting 3rd parties to pay you!

  • The system manages your subscriptions for you!

  • No admin or additional fees are required!

Earn Even More As You Fully Leverage The System!

Inside, you will have the opportunity to position yourself for additional INSTANT & DIRECT commissions of $100, $400 & even $1,000 - as you fully leverage the power & profitability of this system! Join us today to learn & earn more!

Our Unrivaled Compensation Plan

*Important Note: We just recently added our MASTER membership which pays $1,000 commissions!

Meet The Creators

Jeffrey Long - Creator of Internet Income System

Jeffrey is a self-taught programmer who has been creating internet income for 20 years. Having been "JOB-FREE" the entire time, Jeffrey has created systems, software & business opportunities that have not only generated millions of dollars in revenue but more importantly...millions of dollars in commissions paid to those who have promoted his programs over the years. Jeffrey is a husband and father to 4 children and has a strong passion and desire to help EVERYONE create more freedom & fulfillment in their life by learning how to create internet income.

Chris Record - Creator of ATLAS Academy

Chris has been creating internet income for over 20 years, having made his first sales online back in 1998. Since then he has gone on to generate close to $50 MILLION in online revenue and is the GOAT when it comes to teaching & training others how to make money online through affiliate marketing. He has touched 8 figures several times and consistently generates 7 figures per year as an affiliate marketer. Chris knows what it takes to create internet income and he knows how to effectively teach you what he knows, so that you can implement and see RESULTS! He is a caring and compassionate person who truly wants to see you WIN.

What Our Members Have To Say...

Join with thousands already seeing life-changing results from this system!


"I'm having so much fun getting results using The Internet Income System. Getting access to this community and the system has been truly amazing. IIS is helping so many people to level up their skills and CashFlow using their tools and world class training. I also gotta say that I love the Instant Commissions we get on every referral. If you're looking at the Internet Income System for the first time, Get Started! You'll be glad that you did. 👍"

Steven R.


"I had ANOTHER $540 day so far with Internet Income System. This system rocks, it's quickly becoming my favorite offer to promote AND one of my top earners! THANK YOU Jeff & Team! 🔥🔥🔥"

Mitch T.


"Internet Income System is absolutely AMAZING! These guys did a really nice job putting everything together with the automated system. This is something I have been looking for, for a long time! Not only are all of the products really good, but you can use these products for anything online or offline! My daughter right now, is using the system to introduce her makeup line! Again guys,NICE JOB! Keep up the awesome work!"

Sammy B.


"Internet marketing history has officially been made by IIS and ATLAS coming together! Pair a much needed personalized video funnel product combined with up to date universal marketing training for any business + 100% commissions?! That’s called an irresistible offer! There’s no other offer out there right now that can provide as much value as what we have here!"

Christian A.


"Finally, I've found the ideal system for me! Instant (high) commissions. Amazing, supportive members. This is where my business will grow without limits! The internet Income System is leading the way!"

Sandra K.


"Getting to support the launch of a product that has been someone else's dream is such an amazingly gratifying experience. The Internet Income system is just that, not only for the creator but for the affiliates who join. Promoting this step by step beginner friendly system will teach you what real affiliate marketing means. It offers a generous commission, paid out immediately, while building your own team. You will have access to all the training you will ever need. Don't hesitate. It is all about value and this system overdelivers on that. Join the family today, you will be blessed."

Deb L.


"The Internet Income System is a game changer for making money online. The value is 100x the investment. I have made money in 48hrs with just sharing and exposing 10 people in my phone contacts. I can see myself exposing 1000s and 1000s of people. All entrepreneurs need TRAFFIC, LEADS AND SALES. Thank you for creating the IIS. We have VALUE TO GIVE EVERYONE!"

Terry L.


"Supportive teams that want others to succeed in business instead of being the competition? Odd but genuinely so gratifying to see others hit their goals and have hope for a better future. This is a simple step-by-step system. It will work if the steps are followed. And it’s totally approachable for seasoned or newer affiliates. It really is a solid opportunity."

Steve W.


"I couldn't agree more! The Internet Income System is a game-changer. Being able to earn instant commissions and run profitable ad campaigns is a game-changer for any affiliate marketer. And you're right, the sense of community here is incredible - it's like having a second family that truly believes in your success. With both Chris Record and Jeff Long steering the family towards success. Thanks for sharing this gem, it's definitely worth checking out! & #AffiliateMarketing #SuccessCommunity #GameChanger""

Franco P.


"I've spent over 30 years in affiliate marketing and MLM, yet it's only with the Internet Income System/Atlas that I've rapidly built a substantial residual income. Unlike typical programs where residuals are minimal and slow-growing, here I've experienced an immediate and significant income boost. Contrary to common belief, our program offers 100% residual commissions without any admin fee, defying industry norms. The value we receive daily, for less than the cost of a daily coffee, is unparalleled. Completing our 12-week course is like earning a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing, equipping us with skills transferable to any business endeavor. What we have here is truly unique – a remarkable opportunity and a genuine blessing."

Nevada H.


“I learned more in 60 days than the 12 years I’ve been working online. From the first session, I had a light bulb experience which has changed my entire approach to online marketing. It has also revealed unlimited growth possibilities."

Mark H.


"The Internet Income System is a top-notch platform that gives you the tools and the resources to become successful online. If you want to heighten your marketing skills, then Atlas academy is a must-have in your marketing arsenal! Take action today and just get started!"

Jared M.


"I have been online since 2016 and have never found anything like the Internet Income System and Atlas. From the time I hooked up my Stripe account (so that I could get paid), I made $5400 in my first 5 days. My goal is to have instant affiliate income as well as passive monthly income that is CONSISTENT. The way that Jeff Long and Chris Record have set up the foundation of IIS & Atlas, we will have the opportunity to create our own future with no limits".

Milla M.


"IIS/ATLAS, led by Jeff Long and Chris Record, has transformed my approach to online marketing. The comprehensive insights and practical strategies provided have been a game-changer. With a clear and concise roadmap, you will navigate digital marketing the right way. This business is a must for anyone serious about mastering online marketing effectively."

Brett M.


"Sheesh! let me start off by saying by using the internet income system and implementing the strategies being taught inside the system I’ve been able to not only create new income streams but I’ve been able to leverage and scale my other businesses as well. You won’t find this much value anywhere in the market."

JoNathan H.


"I’ve been in a lot of affiliate programs and biz opps over the years and I’ve never once seen a company that offers so much value. Getting 100% commissions on the front end and direct payments to my bank account is a game changer! Plus the founders and training team bring nothing but top-notch products and services for us. Oh and don’t make me mention the compensation plan.. Sheesh! If you’re thinking about hopping into the Internet Income System get in now and don’t wait! I promise you will love it!"

Jason Y.

*There is no guarantee of income. Your results are determined by your own work & efforts.

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